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Vision, Mission, Values . . .




The Company of Master Mariners of Canada continues to be a recognized and respected organization, representing
interests of Canadian shipmasters and senior deck officers, from which advice and guidance will be sought.




The Company of Master Mariners of Canada exists to:


  • encourage and maintain a high and honourable standard of ability and professional conduct of the officers of the
    Canadian Merchant Service;

  • provide a central body of command level mariners representing senior officers of the Canadian Merchant Service;

  • encourage and further develop education, training and qualifications of young seafarers and cadets;

  • participate in, and provide input into, National and International groups in matters concerning the safety, operation, and regulation of ships and their crews;

  • organize conventions and seminars for the discussion and consideration of topics of interest to the Merchant Service and mariners; and,

  • promote and maintain efficient and friendly cooperation between the commercial, government and military fleets of Canada.




Recognizing the unique nature of employment in the marine profession, we are guided by:


  • Professionalism,

  • Respect, and

  • Integrity.



To find out about becoming a member of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada, contact Captain John Greenway.

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