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Our Membership


The Company of Master Mariners of Canada is comprised of members in seven Divisions across our nation (Newfoundland-Labrador, Fundy, Maritime, Capital, Great Lakes, Vancouver and Vancouver Island).


The Great Lakes Division


Currently, our division has about 60 members. These men and women have been or continue to be active in senior positions in the marine industry.


Company Experience


Our Great Lakes Division members have experience working for (company labels in red are links to current websites):


Algoma Central Marine • BC Ferries • Carryore • Canada Steamship Lines • Canadian Coast Guard •
City of Toronto (Fire Boat) • Corp. of Professional Great Lakes Pilots • 
Crawford Global Technical Services • 
Georgian College
Good Books for All • Great Lakes Pilotage Authority • Gulf Canada • Hayes Stuart

Hydrographic Service (Oceans and Fisheries) • Imperial Oil • Master Marine Services
McDonald Marine Surveys
Texaco • Hall Corporation • Owen Sound Transportation • Royal Caribbean Line •
The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation • Sanko • Shipping Company of India • Stolt Tankers
Transport Canada • Upper Lakes Shipping • Windjammer Barefoot Cruises



Our members have been trained and educated through:


BCITPITO/George Brown College • Georgian CollegeMemorial University • Training Ship "Dufferin"




Pictures of former vessels of our Division members (double-click the image to get a larger view).









To find out about becoming a member of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada, contact Captain John Greenway

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