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As our members and guests gather every month (generally the third Tuesday of the month), we have high quality presentations
by leaders in the marine industry.

Mr. Frank Zhu's presentation
on technologies that benefit seafarers

To start the presentation click

the button in the centre and
click the note on the lower
right corner to get sound. > > > > > > > >


Some of our other presenters have been:

Mr. Barry M. Shepherd


Principal Surveyor

Lloyd's Registry - Marine

Burlington, ON 

Captain J. P. Sharpe (Transport Canada) and

Major V. Meunier

(DND; Air Force)


Rescue Centre in Trenton, Ontario 

Rev. Judith Altree


Chaplain – Mission to Seafarers in Toronto and Hamilton


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Mr. Herb Hilgenberg


Meteorologist serving ocean racers 



Private Robertson VC

led by Captain Steven Pauley 

Mr. Benoit Nolet, PEng on Seaway Modernization

Manager, Program Maintenance

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation                       Video presentation of Cavotec Lock Mooring System

Mr. Olous Boag

VP Operations

McKeil Marine

Mr. Jibrael Kassim

Vice President

Kassim Tanker Brokers

Mr. Bret Maukonen

Secretary, CMMC Great Lakes

Ms. Emily Paivalainen

Community Relations

Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA)

Ms. Erica Glossop


George Brown College

This presentation is available
for other Divisions via Zoom

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